H100-Pro Thermo Control (Magnetic), DLAB

Cat. No.: 5062101111
  • Customizable user setting program with up to 6 sequential steps
  • Temperature calibration function inbuilt for users
  • Magnetic heat block mounting eliminating need of any tools
  • Interchangeable sample blocks designed to provide versatility, easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • Accurate temperature control of each heating block with lid to minimize the heat loss
Temperature range: Room temp +5-100℃
Temperature Setting range: 15-100℃
Temperature control accuracy@20-45: ±0.5℃
Temperature uniformity@20-45: ±0.5℃
Time setting range: 0min-99h30min
Max Heating speed: 5.5℃/min
Functions: Heating
Program memory: 9
Overheating protection: 150℃
Power: 200W
Display: TFT
Voltage/Frequency: 110/220V,50/60Hz
Dimension[WxDxH]: 200x235x120mm
Weight: 7.3kg
Permissible ambient temperature: 10-40℃
Permissible ambient humidity: <80% RH

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