Laboratory centrifuge DM1224, DLAB

• Max.speed is 12000rpm, max. RCF 13680×g
• Precise control of speed and time separately
• Rotor capacity: Hematocrit rotor: 24 capillar
Specifications DM1424 DM1224
Speed Range 200-14000rpm,
increment: 10rpm
increment: 100rpm
Max. RCF 18620×g 13680×g
Speed Accuracy ±20 ±100
Rotor Capacity 2 type 1 type
Run Time 30sec-99min/Continuous 10sec-99min/Continuous
Motor Brushless DC motor Brushless DC moto
Display LCD LCD
Safety Devices Door interlock,Overspeed detector;
Automatic internal diagnosis,
Automatic rotor identification
Door interlock
Acceleration/Braking time 30s↑30s↓ 40s↑40s↓
Power Single-phase,
200V-240V,50Hz/60Hz, 5A;
100V-120V,50Hz/60Hz, 5A
200V-240V,50Hz/60Hz, 5A;
Dimension [D×W×H] 280×364×274mm 280×364×213mm
Weight 10kg 10kg
Certification CE cTÜVus FCC MCA IVD -
Advanced Features Speed/RCF switch;Short-time run
function; sound-alert function
Speed/RCF switch;Short-time run
function; sound-alert function


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