Laboratory Centrifuge DM0506, DLAB

DM0506 low-speed centrifuge, supplied with built in fixed angle rotor A6-15P which can hold up to 15mL/10mL/7mL/5mL×6 tubes. It is widely used for blood or urine separation in medical routine practice in hospitals, clinics or research institutes.

Key Features

• Speed range from 300-5000rpm;
• Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G-force;
• Defined program by knob will be stored and activated when power on;
• Two programs P1/P2, easy to start the procedure by one key;
• Two deceleration speeds setting to meet different requirements;
• Easy-to-read processing display and sound alert;
• Automatic lid-lock release after running;
• Maintenance-free brushless DC motor.
Specifications DM0506
Speed Range 300-5000rpm,increment: 10rpm
Max. RCF 2350xg, increment: 10g
Speed accuracy ±20rpm
Rotor capacity 6x15ml/10mL/7mL/1.5-5mL
Run Time 30sec-99min,HD(continuous running)
Display LCD
Programs Memory 2
Acceleration/Deceleration 1↑ 2↓
Safety Devices Door interlock,Overspeed detector; Automatic internal diagnosis
Motor Brushless DC motor
Power Single-phase,
110V-240V,50Hz/60Hz, 70W
Dimension [W×D×H] 300×240×180mm
Weight 5.2kg
Advanced Features Speed/RCF switch;sound-alert function

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